ADJ Finance Can Be Your Most Valuable Tool!

No one knows lighting better than ADJ. Our expertise allows us to understand the terms and payment structure that will work best for you. We will create the perfect solution to fit your specific needs with great flexibility, pricing, urgency, and integrity.

In most cases, all we need is a completed finance application and a day to process it. For very large transactions, we could need a financial package, and we will work with you to make it quick and simple. Approvals up to $5MM can take as little as 3 business days and only 5 business days for amounts over $5MM.

Our diverse finance programs and unbeatable rates make it easy for you to get the equipment you really want. We can structure the term to match your seasonality and offer financing from 12 to 84 months – even longer for large projects.


Rather than to wait to save enough cash to purchase your desired equipment, term financing allows you to acquire that same equipment for a low monthly payment. You can put it to work for you while at the same time benefiting from ownership rights.

Pay Smart

In many instances, it is useful to stretch the financing out over a long term in order to pay for it over the useful life of the equipment and as it generates income. Proper matching of equipment life and debt term makes sound business sense.


Accelerated Tax Write-offs

True Leases allow you to recuperate the investment in equipment faster than the depreciation schedules as dictated by the IRS allow.

Total Cost Financing

When you finance equipment through us, most soft costs (such as software, installation, freight, and sales tax) can be included in the finance amount.

Keep Debt Off Credit Record

Our finance contracts are a business debt. Even if a personal guarantee is required, the transaction will not be reported on your personal credit record as it is an obligation of the business.*

Except if sole proprietorship

Capital Conservation

By utilizing a finance instrument to acquire needed equipment, a company’s cash and capital is conserved for other purposes that are not able to be financed.


Match Revenues To Expenses

Equipment finance agreements are ideal instruments to match expenses to revenues. We will work with you to project the Revenue stream from your acquisition of ADJ equipment and match the term accordingly. That may mean seasonal payments or our easy start program that allows the Revenues generated to be collected before you start making payment.

Preserve Bank Lines For The Unexpected

Bank credit lines are intended to be utilized for short term needs and provide the ultimate flexibility. It is generally not wise to utilize these funds for capital equipment acquisition.

Depreciation Write-off or Fully Expense Payment

Our financing products can be structured depending on your circumstance. You can benefit from either immediate and full depreciation write off (Section 179), Accelerated Depreciation or full write-off of the monthly payments while keeping the debt off the balance sheet. We can provide the instrument that is best for you.

Keep Cash For Other Investments

In today’s market, cash is King! By holding onto cash balances, a company can secure better terms from suppliers and Lenders. This allows you to earn interest as well as keep it in reserve for possible investments and opportunities that come up routinely.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Our contracts come with FIXED rates that are locked for the duration of the term & not subject to the increases of the prime rate by banks. During current times of low rates, it is very advantageous to obtain a finance agreement now and not be worried, as rates will ultimately increase from today’s historic lows.

Off Balance Sheet Financing

Many companies are interested in acquiring equipment, yet they do not want to reflect that debt on their balance sheet for various reasons. An Operating lease allows you to acquire the use of the equipment without the debt reflected on your company’s financial statements.

Always check with your CPA to confirm tax benefits to your specific business.

ADJ Finance works hard to provide the most robust, streamlined, and flexible, financing solutions available to ADJ customers.

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